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Born in New York City to French parents, I live in Mexico City where my family finally settled forty years ago. Over time, I learned to appreciate the great diversity of this country, the warmth of its people and its rich culture. At some point I even developed a fondness for chilies while studying history at the Universidad Iberoamericana, where I also learned about and became involved with the French community in Mexico. Years later, I cofounded Raíces Francesas en México, an association whose goal is to help preserve the memory of French immigrants and strengthen the bonds between their descendants.


My interest in gastronomy and history prompted my writing career. For my first novel, De Caracoles y Escamoles, I combined information from my thesis about the French community and spiced it up with my own taste for cooking. The novel is told through the eyes of a fictitious immigrant and recreates a historical moment when French inspiration had a major influence on Mexican daily life, transforming both tastes and habits. After that came Cubiertos de Plata, in which the family of Don José de la Borda serves as a guiding line to explore Taxco and, more generally, 18th century in the New Spain, an essential period needed to understand present-day Mexico.


Writing, beyond the satisfaction implied in seeing one’s work printed, is for me a way to return some of the many joys that reading has brought me over my life: invaluable entertainment, knowledge and company, a joy that I now share with my readers.




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