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De Caracoles y Escamoles. a French Cook in 19th century Mexico. Historical novel.


At the end of the 19th century, a young French cook decides to travel to Mexico searching for the fortune he doesn’t find at home. His intelligence and sensitivity help him to understand a country very different from his own, an impetuous and contradictory land whose temperament he discovers through the flavors of its cuisine. His life is seasoned with passion and adventure. The story uses the charm of Mexican gastronomy and historic recipes, as well as details of the customs during the Porfiriato to seduce the reader.


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Cubiertos de plata. Historical novel.


This book tells the story of the de la Borda family. Joseph, a young man born in the French Pyrénées, travelled in the early 18th century to New Spain, where he developed an unusual talent to exploit abandoned silver mines in Tlalpujahua, Taxco and Zacatecas, coaxing them back into productivity. His amazing skill and tenacity earned him the nickname “the Phoenix of America’s miners”, as he struck fortune on three different occasions.


After the untimely death of his wife, his life changed dramatically as he dedicated his wealth and children to the service of God, leaving a lasting legacy in the splendor of the church of Santa Prisca, in Taxco. Nonetheless, behind his success laid the struggles of New Spain’s society, marked by the opposition between sensuality and spirituality. His daughter’s ravings after becoming a nun and the contradictions of his son Manuel reflect the conflicts of Baroque culture, in which vice and devotion competed on a stage of lavish celebrations where appearances were essential.


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